Partnership Announcement: Dexcom

In 2018 we had the fortune of beginning a partnership with Dexcom to support TDFC in the work we provide for the community and it’s great to be able to announce that we have renewed our partnership in 2019 and Dexcom will be continuing to sponsor our project until the end of the year.

Dexcom as a company and product are firmly behind supporting people with type 1 diabetes and Dexcom’s real time alerts have been invaluable in avoiding highs and lows, that has kept us on the field or court and focused on football or futsal, not our diabetes. With our continued work focussing on achieving both education and participatory goals in Football our goals align really well to make the most of this exciting partnership.

I want to thank Tilly and all of the team at Dexcom for continuing to support us and we can’t wait for what the rest of 2019 will be bringing!!

And this is what Dexcom had to say about the news:

“Here at Dexcom UK and Ireland we are delighted to continue to support The Diabetes Football Community in their second year competing at DiaEuro. Our Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System will be worn by all members of the final squad for three months of training and competition. Using the Dexcom G6, the squad will be able to glance at their glucose levels on their compatible phones and watches (via an app on their compatible smartphone). * They can receive real-time readings with exceptional accuracy about every five minutes along with customisable alerts and directional arrows. These will tell them which way their glucose is trending so that they can take action to help to avoid the highs and lows that could get in the way of their game. Using the Dexcom Follow App*, their team mates on the bench, their coach, and even their family back home can see these same glucose levels for peace of mind. We wish the team the best of luck and can’t wait to see them scoring in their Dexcom kit!


*Please see the Dexcom compatibility page for a list of compatible devices.

*Following requires a separate app and an internet connection. Do not use Share information for treatment decisions. “

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