Squad Announcement: Zak Brown

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 19 16I am Zak Brown, 26 years-old (Peaking!) and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 12 years ago.

I am feeling great ahead of DiaEuro! Fit and raring to go. Recovered from torn ankle ligaments back in September, been enjoying all versions of the beautiful game in the past couple of years with a 11 a side, mini football and futsal.

I love the opportunity to contribute to a project that affects not only my condition and life but other people in a similar position! There are so many positives to name about TDFC, but the opportunity to relate and share knowledge/stories with other people who have a strong passion for football whilst living with T1D is invaluable to me.

My message to other with T1 is to find the right balance between looking after your T1D, but not letting it dictate the way you go about life! With a little extra planning/preparation there are no boundaries to what you can achieve.

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