Squad Announcement: Ian Dingwall

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 18 16I am Ian Dingwall, 28 years-old and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012.

I’ve been playing football at amateur level for years in different leagues within Scotland. I have played junior level for a few teams but this was for a short time.  I have also coached kids at numerous ages which I enjoyed but trying to do this between my own training and a full time job proved difficult. 

First of all I’m proud and thankful that I have impressed enough in training to get the opportunity to play for and represent the UK. Being the first Scottish player to be selected is a big thing for me and something I am also proud of.  I’m feeling very excited and optimistic about the DiaEuro in Kiev.  I’ve watched videos of the other countries and I feel we have a strong enough squad to go and compete. I’m a positive person and feel being positive going into the matches is key to gaining the results we want!

The most enjoyable things about TDFC for me is having the ability to exchange stories with people suffering the same issues as me. Obtaining the knowledge of how other people deal with hypos and treatments. Its a very educational and enjoyable thing to be involved in.  My message to any other type 1 diabetics that are in involved in sport is don’t hide it, talk about your condition to not only help your education of the illness but educate others.  Don’t be ashamed of diabetes because with the right management it can’t hold you back!

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