Squad Announcement: Chris Bright

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I’m 28 years old and as founder of TDFC I’ve been there since the very start (February 2017). I’ve lived with type 1 Diabetes since 1999 (20 years).


I’ve played futsal for Birmingham Tigers, Worcester and the University of Nottingham as well as being a senior Wales International.  I’ve also played lower level semi-pro football (Steps 4-8). I’m FA level 1 qualified in coaching Football and Futsal, with this season being my first season managing and coaching the UK Diabetes Squad.

Mostly excited and a little relieved. After months of planning the project, fundraising, training the team and selecting the squad we’re almost there. It’s been a whirlwind of a year since the last tournament but I’m so proud I’ll be going back this year as our Player Manager. This project really demonstrates the ability of those living with Diabetes and it’s an honour to represent our country and condition.

Everything…. I can’t believe the journey I’ve had with this community and how far it’s come. From an idea in my head 2 and a half years ago to the creation and development of something very very special. The things we’ve achieved together as a community has astounded me at times and I’m just so grateful I’ve had the chance to meet and help so many people with the condition since we formed this organisation.

My message to others with the condition would be that if you can work with your diabetes, educate yourself, believe in the dream and have the bravery to test your limits, there’s nothing you can’t achieve whilst living with this lifelong condition. It’s an extra hurdle to jump, not a mountain to climb.

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