Squad Announcement: Jon Tyrrell

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 18 37I am Jon Tyrrell, 33 years-old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 18 years.

I’ve played futsal for Bristol City, West London and Sheffield and lower level semi-pro football (Steps 5-6). I’ve got an FA Level 2 coaching badge and have just begun coaching a bit more futsal.

Excited and nervous. I broke my foot playing futsal 4 months ago so this tournament will be the first time I’ve played competitively since. DiaEuros 2018 was one of the highlights of my year – absolutely loved it. All of the wider squad and staff at TDFC have become great friends and we’re becoming a really close-knit community, so I’m looking forward to being away with everyone for the week. I think the squad is looking in great shape – everyone (particularly those knew to futsal have progressed so much this last year) and there’s been real competition for places leading up to the final squad selection. This will be my second time in Kiev – it’s a great city and I’m excited to see the atmosphere at the games – it was incredible last year. Could be hot though – nearly 40 degrees I reckon!

I think my message to others with the condition would be don’t go it alone, keep doing what you love, be honest about the things you find most difficult with diabetes and keep going through the hard times.

It’s made the world of difference to me to be part of a fun community of people who love football/futsal and also have diabetes. I’ve learned so much from other players but above all really enjoy spending time with all of the gang at TDFC.

Here’s a few specific things I’ve learned directly from chatting to others at TDFC:

  • Learned sport specific information e.g. that playing futsal often causes my sugar levels to shoot up while playing football tends to cause them to drop;
  • Changed both my insulin’s which has made a massive difference to my glucose control;
  • Realised that a lot of other players have the same struggles I do from regular highs and lows, to battling mental health and feeling exhausted by diabetes at times, but it makes a huge difference to know you’re not alone.

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