Squad Announcement: Scott Burrell

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 19 29I am Scott Burrell, 30 years-old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 20 years and was diagnosed in 1999.

Played in the Peterborough & District League (various divisions) for the last 10/12 years. Will be playing for Spalding Town this coming season. Currently playing for TDFC London in the London Futsal League and play 5 & 7-a-side during the week too.

Really looking forward to playing for the UK team in Kiev. Bratislava last year was a fantastic experience and this is an opportunity to take what was learnt there and improve upon it.

TDFC has been fantastic for me. Prior to TDFC I’d never spent any time or played any football with any other T1. That did change at the start of the 18/19 football season when I signed for a team who also had a T1 player in the ranks! Everybody involved with TDFC is fantastic, it’s such a helpful, insightful community but also with that major desire to win matches when we step onto the pitch. Since being involved I’ve actually changed insulins and am much more up-to-date with the various technologies in tracking glucose levels (the likes of Dexcom G6) so feel it’s helped me massively in every day life! Its given me confidence to inject in public and talk very openly about T1, something I never did prior to TDFC. This might sound over the top but I can honestly say being part of TDFC and has improved my every day life.

Message to anybody else with T1 would really be to not let it stop you doing anything and if you’re not involved already get involved with the #doc and #GBdoc online. Incredibly helpful social media community to really help you out.

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