Welcome to The Diabetes Football Community! We’re here to support and encourage you. This network allows people to share their experiences with others, ask questions, seek guidance and learn more about opportunities which could be created for people with diabetes to access football. Nothing should stop the involvement of Diabetics in the beautiful game.

Created in February 2017, The Diabetes Football Community C.I.C is a not for profit organisation which has been developed to support the needs of diabetics who share a passion for football. Our founder is a type 1 Diabetic who was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 8, in 1999. He’s seen huge developments in the care for diabetics in that time but he always felt that peer support was something that could enhance his experience. In early 2017 he decided that it was time to change that and develop a support community which fills the void he always felt was missing. We believe we can provide diabetics throughout society with a peer support network that deals with first hand experiences, that help to deliver further understanding and enjoyment from football for people with the condition.

As the community is an experience based project and not medically endorsed by a Healthcare Professional, advice from your Doctor should always be sought before implementing any suggestions made by the network.

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