UK DiaEuro Team

In 2018 we created the UK’s first ever all Diabetic Futsal team to compete in the European Futsal Championships for people with Diabetes ( DiaEuro, for more information ).

The tournament is open to adults aged 18 or older that can prove they live with Diabetes and it is a wonderful showcase for what people can achieve with the condition as well as a great platform to raise awareness of it.  Check out the player’s blog post and some of the photos below:


Whilst you can also see coverage of our first session together as a team from the local BBC below: ( 1 hour 37 minutes 36 seconds it starts at)

As the project continues to grow we will still need the support of all those who follow us in spreading the message. We’re  always on the look out for new players, coaches, medical professionals, sponsors and anyone interested in helping us run the project so please get in contact if that’s you.  As the project costs a substantial amount of money to run annually we’d also be grateful for any donations on the below link to help our cause:

For anyone wanting more info contact Chris using the details below:

Chris Bright – Email: , Twitter & Instagram: @chrisbrighty1