TDFC Womens

This is the home of the TDFC Womens project where we aim to inspire and empower people with diabetes, and especially women and girls, to do what they love on and off the pitch.

We aim to build a community that shares learnings, offers support & helps others enjoy participating in Football and Futsal.

Our Aims & Objectives

Outreach – We want to increase the visibility of Diabetes within the women’s game and build a strong social media community to raise awareness.

Regular sessions – As the project builds we aim to offer TDFC Women’s sessions combining learning, socialising & playing. We will use the foundations of the men’s team to do this and if you want to find out what that entails click on this link to find out more: Men’s UK Diabetes Futsal Squad Podcast

Build a team – Through increased outreach we hope to create an all diabetes futsal team to eventually compete and follow in the success of the mens team. However, success doesn’t just come from the players on the court, it comes from the strong support network around them. We want to put in place a strong team both on the court and behind the scenes, as well as focussing on supporting people with developing their knowledge of Diabetes as well as their abilities on the court.


Want to get involved?

We are looking to extend The Diabetes Football Community with more focus within women’s football and the world around it.

We want you to get involved, regardless of your ability or current involvement in the game, there are endless ways in which you can help support the growth of the TDFC Womens project. We are looking for players, support with fundraising, brand awareness, social media the list goes on…

If you are interested in being part of the team or community in anyway you can check us out on Twitter @TDFCWomens or drop us an email

Whilst you can also check out the members of the current team on our meet our team page.