Squad Announcement: Scott Burrell

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 19 29I am Scott Burrell, 30 years-old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 20 years and was diagnosed in 1999.

Played in the Peterborough & District League (various divisions) for the last 10/12 years. Will be playing for Spalding Town this coming season. Currently playing for TDFC London in the London Futsal League and play 5 & 7-a-side during the week too.

Really looking forward to playing for the UK team in Kiev. Bratislava last year was a fantastic experience and this is an opportunity to take what was learnt there and improve upon it.

TDFC has been fantastic for me. Prior to TDFC I’d never spent any time or played any football with any other T1. That did change at the start of the 18/19 football season when I signed for a team who also had a T1 player in the ranks! Everybody involved with TDFC is fantastic, it’s such a helpful, insightful community but also with that major desire to win matches when we step onto the pitch. Since being involved I’ve actually changed insulins and am much more up-to-date with the various technologies in tracking glucose levels (the likes of Dexcom G6) so feel it’s helped me massively in every day life! Its given me confidence to inject in public and talk very openly about T1, something I never did prior to TDFC. This might sound over the top but I can honestly say being part of TDFC and has improved my every day life.

Message to anybody else with T1 would really be to not let it stop you doing anything and if you’re not involved already get involved with the #doc and #GBdoc online. Incredibly helpful social media community to really help you out.


Squad Announcement: Jack O’Brien

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 18 07I am Jack O’Brien, I am 27 years old and have been a Type 1 Diabetic since February 2017.

I have always played football throughout my life. The last couple of years I have tried to play mainly 5 or 7 a side football and also Futsal when I get the opportunity. I also coach a Football team at the school I work at. We have been successful this year being crowned the London Schools Champions.

I am incredibly proud to say that I will be representing the UK again this year at the DiaEuro. Not only representing our country, but our condition as well which is something that really inspires me. My Family are all so proud as well, and will be flying over this year to cheer us all on! On a personal note, I would love to chip in with a goal or two this year!

Being involved in TDFC has been a big part of my Diabetic journey to date. I was newly Diagnosed when the TDFC was formed so I pretty much got involved when I was still learning about the condition. It was brilliant for me to be able to make friends and spend time with other Diabetics who share a passion for Football. I was really concerned when diagnosed that playing sports was going to be to challenging, but learning so much from the rest of the guys put me at ease and made the big transition I was going through a lot easier. If there are any newly diagnosed people reading, then I strongly recommend getting involved with TDFC!

Squad Announcement: Jon Rosser

66900572_2360386744219753_8012561137671340032_nI am Jon Rosser, 26 years-old and have had type 1 diabetic for 16 years.

I’ve been involved with TDFC for around 18 months now, but have always played football in some form since I could walk! With my youth football I played at several youth development set ups and at Forest Green Rovers, before going onto play National leagues at university and still continue to play 11 a side in the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League.

Getting involved with TDFC has really been a new sporting chapter for me, firstly in learning a different form of the game in Futsal which I am enjoying massively, and secondly it has opened up a whole new dimension to my sport where I can interact and find support in a group of players that also have to cope with the challenges diabetes can have on performance and also daily life. The way the squad pushes each other and instills the highest standards possible, whilst also encouraging greater control and openness about the condition is something I look forward to at every session we have.

After playing in Slovakia last year I am excited to once again represent the country and the condition, and to show that there are no barriers to participation, only hurdles – and with hard work and support these can easily be overcome!

Squad Announcement: Chris Bright

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 17 58

I’m 28 years old and as founder of TDFC I’ve been there since the very start (February 2017). I’ve lived with type 1 Diabetes since 1999 (20 years).


I’ve played futsal for Birmingham Tigers, Worcester and the University of Nottingham as well as being a senior Wales International.  I’ve also played lower level semi-pro football (Steps 4-8). I’m FA level 1 qualified in coaching Football and Futsal, with this season being my first season managing and coaching the UK Diabetes Squad.

Mostly excited and a little relieved. After months of planning the project, fundraising, training the team and selecting the squad we’re almost there. It’s been a whirlwind of a year since the last tournament but I’m so proud I’ll be going back this year as our Player Manager. This project really demonstrates the ability of those living with Diabetes and it’s an honour to represent our country and condition.

Everything…. I can’t believe the journey I’ve had with this community and how far it’s come. From an idea in my head 2 and a half years ago to the creation and development of something very very special. The things we’ve achieved together as a community has astounded me at times and I’m just so grateful I’ve had the chance to meet and help so many people with the condition since we formed this organisation.

My message to others with the condition would be that if you can work with your diabetes, educate yourself, believe in the dream and have the bravery to test your limits, there’s nothing you can’t achieve whilst living with this lifelong condition. It’s an extra hurdle to jump, not a mountain to climb.

Squad Announcement: Jon Tyrrell

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 18 37I am Jon Tyrrell, 33 years-old and I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 18 years.

I’ve played futsal for Bristol City, West London and Sheffield and lower level semi-pro football (Steps 5-6). I’ve got an FA Level 2 coaching badge and have just begun coaching a bit more futsal.

Excited and nervous. I broke my foot playing futsal 4 months ago so this tournament will be the first time I’ve played competitively since. DiaEuros 2018 was one of the highlights of my year – absolutely loved it. All of the wider squad and staff at TDFC have become great friends and we’re becoming a really close-knit community, so I’m looking forward to being away with everyone for the week. I think the squad is looking in great shape – everyone (particularly those knew to futsal have progressed so much this last year) and there’s been real competition for places leading up to the final squad selection. This will be my second time in Kiev – it’s a great city and I’m excited to see the atmosphere at the games – it was incredible last year. Could be hot though – nearly 40 degrees I reckon!

I think my message to others with the condition would be don’t go it alone, keep doing what you love, be honest about the things you find most difficult with diabetes and keep going through the hard times.

It’s made the world of difference to me to be part of a fun community of people who love football/futsal and also have diabetes. I’ve learned so much from other players but above all really enjoy spending time with all of the gang at TDFC.

Here’s a few specific things I’ve learned directly from chatting to others at TDFC:

  • Learned sport specific information e.g. that playing futsal often causes my sugar levels to shoot up while playing football tends to cause them to drop;
  • Changed both my insulin’s which has made a massive difference to my glucose control;
  • Realised that a lot of other players have the same struggles I do from regular highs and lows, to battling mental health and feeling exhausted by diabetes at times, but it makes a huge difference to know you’re not alone.

Squad Announcement: Toby McCauley

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 19 08I am Toby McCauley. I am 25 years old and I have been Type 1 diabetic for 6 years since June 2013. I have been involved with TDFC for just over a year.

I played at Brighton and Hove Albion FC when I was a youngster until the age of 16 and then had spells with semi professional clubs including Salisbury City in the Conference South, Andover Town, Winchester City and Moneyfields FC.

It’s an incredible honour to be selected for the second consecutive year to represent the UK through Futsal at Diaeuro. I have played in a number of football teams and have never met anyone with type 1 diabetes so being able to play and be part of the tournament meeting others in the same situation with the same condition is fantastic.

It’s an amazing support network bringing diabetics from across the country to play the sport we love and to learn from people’s past experiences with diabetes. Having Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to hold you back, you can live life to the full and accomplish your ambitions. There are absolutely no limits! We hope to inspire you all in our journey to follow your dreams within football, futsal or your chosen sport.

Squad Announcement: Ian Dingwall

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 18 16I am Ian Dingwall, 28 years-old and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012.

I’ve been playing football at amateur level for years in different leagues within Scotland. I have played junior level for a few teams but this was for a short time.  I have also coached kids at numerous ages which I enjoyed but trying to do this between my own training and a full time job proved difficult. 

First of all I’m proud and thankful that I have impressed enough in training to get the opportunity to play for and represent the UK. Being the first Scottish player to be selected is a big thing for me and something I am also proud of.  I’m feeling very excited and optimistic about the DiaEuro in Kiev.  I’ve watched videos of the other countries and I feel we have a strong enough squad to go and compete. I’m a positive person and feel being positive going into the matches is key to gaining the results we want!

The most enjoyable things about TDFC for me is having the ability to exchange stories with people suffering the same issues as me. Obtaining the knowledge of how other people deal with hypos and treatments. Its a very educational and enjoyable thing to be involved in.  My message to any other type 1 diabetics that are in involved in sport is don’t hide it, talk about your condition to not only help your education of the illness but educate others.  Don’t be ashamed of diabetes because with the right management it can’t hold you back!

Squad Announcement: Calvin Ferguson

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 17 24I am Calvin Ferguson, 29 years-old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 2 years and 3 months ago. I first heard about TDFC in 2018, but I started getting involved in early 2019.

Played at a decent amateur level but biggest experiences involved playing at Anfield, Old Trafford & the Etihad.
I am extremely proud and excited to represent UK in Kiev…can’t wait to belt out our national anthem!
TDFC has allowed me to be around people with the same condition…as I am quite newly diagnosed I’ve not met many others who are type 1 yet but TDFC makes you feel like a part of a huge support network and community.  Diabetes should not stop you doing or achieving anything – once you have it controlled, you can live your life as if you don’t have the condition, prioritising it is very important, the rest then follows and your body will definitely thank you for it!

Squad Announcement: Zak Brown

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 19 16I am Zak Brown, 26 years-old (Peaking!) and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 12 years ago.

I am feeling great ahead of DiaEuro! Fit and raring to go. Recovered from torn ankle ligaments back in September, been enjoying all versions of the beautiful game in the past couple of years with a 11 a side, mini football and futsal.

I love the opportunity to contribute to a project that affects not only my condition and life but other people in a similar position! There are so many positives to name about TDFC, but the opportunity to relate and share knowledge/stories with other people who have a strong passion for football whilst living with T1D is invaluable to me.

My message to other with T1 is to find the right balance between looking after your T1D, but not letting it dictate the way you go about life! With a little extra planning/preparation there are no boundaries to what you can achieve.

Squad Announcement: Jon Peach

Photo 14-07-2019, 15 18 25I am Jon Peach, 38 years-old and was diagnosed in 1986, age 5. It’s been a while!

I have played since I was a child at a local level. Presently, I play in local churches league, although retired in 2015 due to persistent injuries. At the start of this season I decided to being playing again.

Ahead of DiaEuro 2019 I am feeling excited, nervous, and proud of what I’ve achieved and what we’re doing. I am really looking forward to the experience.

TDFC has allowed me to meet other diabetics who love sport. Sharing good and bad experiences, reminding me of the importance of testing and keeping on top of good control. Don’t let diabetes hold you back, you can do whatever you want. There will be tough times, but don’t be afraid to talk about it as there will be many in a similar position.